Fun, New Magnets!!!!

21 Nov

I have so many fun new magnets now available!!!  These are so much fun to play with and available in lots of fun, new styles!  The images shown are from scrapWorld2010, Jazzy Caps, and two were formatted by ladybugs and bumblebees but those images are also from scrapWorld 2010, I think.  I thank scrapWorld2010 and Jazzy Caps for allowing me to purchase their images to use in these fun, new way!

I am offering several new designs of magnet people! My son has a BLAST playing with these! I got his a small cookie sheet at Walmart for $.98 and it makes a fun work place for him to play with them. PLEASE remember to always play with or watch your children while playing with these!! They are magnets and are only 1 inch so they could be swallowed and magnets are VERY dangerous if swallowed!! My son enjoys making new magnet people with his and also acting out his own stories and stories from movies or tv shows featuring these characters. Each set contains 15 magnets (5 heads, 5 bodies, and 5 feet). TONS of possiblities of new characters are possible! Each set is $11. Today, November 21, you can get free shipping on any magnet order! Here are the first four sets that are available.

We also use our letter magnets for these great letter sheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler!  We are currently homeschooling our son and we use these to help him with letter identification as well as learning letter sounds.

This is the other set now available. It is Superhero Set #2!

I have also started making some alphabet sets! The alphabet sets have endless possiblities! I sold a set this past weekend with magnets and with the letters bigger on sticker paper. The mom is going to put the stickers on a cookie sheet so they stay in place and have her son match the magnets to them! I am doing something similar with my son. I printed out the lowercase alphabet on magnet paper (it is not as strong as the magnets on the people and alphabet magnets) and have my son match the capital letters to the lowercase letters!

This is great for helping him to learn the connection between lowercase and uppercase letters!

We also use our letter magnets for these great letter sheets from Confessions of a Homeschooler! We are currently homeschooling our son and we use these to help him with letter identification as well as learning letter sounds.

The magnets are slightly smaller than the circles, but can still be used to match the right letters!  The sheets also fit nicely on the cookie sheet and the magnets help to hold the sheet down while he is working.  We can also use the lowercase bigger letters for these.  They are bigger than the circles and due to the lightness of the magnet, they do not hold the paper in place.We have also made some of our own sheets by using pictures of our family and friends!

How fun would the alphabet sets also be to use for spelling words?!?!?  You could have your child spell each of their spelling words with the magnets on the cookie sheet!  It would be a fun,new way to practice their spelling words!

Currently, I have one set that is available in captial and lowercase letters and several sets available in capital letters!  The alphabet sets include 26 magnets, one for each letter of the alphabet.Alphabet sets are $19.00.  If you want the same set for matching or the lowercase set for matching in sticker or magnet form they are $4.00 extra.

I am hoping to soon expand the magnets to include some storybook characters so your child can retell some of  their favorite stories with magnets!

If you would like to take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING sale today, please e-mail me at or contact me on my facebook page.

I hope you are excited about this great new product as I am!  I can’t wait to use them again and again!  And for my son to continue to enjoy them too! 🙂


Favorite Shops: Stargazinglily

2 May

One of my favorite shops is Stargazinglily!!  This is a great shop that has great stuff for kids (both boys and girls) young and young at heart!  Now, if I showed you EVERYTHING I have bought from her, we would be here all day!  So, I am going to show you some of my favorites!!  And might even post a picture of me wearing a couple! 😉It isn’t always easy finding cute boy things!  Especially cute boy things your boy will wear!  I bought my son one of these bracelets with the basketballs.  He was playing basketball at the time and he really enjoys wearing it!  She has several different boy styles!  I got another style for my friends son for his birthday and he wears it all the time!I have several god daughters and friends with little girls and I LOVE buying these cute bracelets for them too!  She has TONS of colors of pearl, seed, and wooden beads to choose from and several charms too!!  She also has these GREAT Mommy Bracelets!!!  My friend has two daughter so for Christmas I got her this bracelet with pink and white pearls.  I had gotten her daughters cute little bracelets too!I also LOVE her earrings!!  These are her tenny tiny earrings and they are teeny tiny!!  I was not a big earring wearer but since getting some of these and some others from her, I have started to wear them daily!  They are nice and light and I don’t even notice I have them in!  I love all the different colors and styles she has to choose from!But these dangle pearl ones are probably my ultimate favorites!!  She has a ton of different dangle styles too!!!  I am working on getting these in every color, but so far I have red, teal, white, and pink!

I wanted to get some type of Mommy bracelet but with only one miracle so far, I wasn’t needing something with three strands.  I ended up getting, what I call, a family bracelet!  It has my birthstone, my sons, and my husbands.  The birthstone pearls go all the way around and it also has a heart charm!  I LOVE this bracelet!!  I even wore it to our family pictures this year (with some pearl earrings too!).I have ordered several times from Stargazinglily.  My things always arrive quickly, in a bag if it is a bracelet, or on cardstock for earrings.  I have never had anything that is broken or damaged.  I have recommended it to many friends.  One of my friends ordered something and the personalization was forgotten.  Stargazinglily quickly made a new one and got it shipped out right away!  All shop owners make mistakes, I have made them from time to time, but it shows how important customers are when the shop owners fix it quickly!!  I LOVE Stargazinglily and will continue to recommend her shop to my friends!!  And will continue to buy from her also!!  She has a new bracelet style that is similar to my family one that I am thinking of getting for my mother in law!

Please show Stargazinglily some love by liking her facebook page, checking out her Etsy shop, and remember to let her know Lizzie’s Lovelies sent ya!!!

Tomorrow I will be showing off some of the new items I have been working on this past week!!

Lizzie 🙂

Mission Montana

1 May

Well, I decided to use the idea from the one person who entered an idea for Tuesdays!  Tuesdays will be when I share some great blogs that offer product reviews, freebies, coupons, and other fun stuff.

I decided to start with Mission Montana!  This is written by the wonderful Holly!  She has a cutie pie little girl, Sophie, and is having a little boy in a couple of months.  Her and her husband moved to Montana a few years ago and were doing Mission work there.  They are in the process of moving back home to South Carolina.

Holly’s site has great freebies and product reviews!  She has reviewed and given away some of my products in the past and I won some great flameless candles from her site last year!  They are really cool because they are battery operated with a on/off switch and look like real candles from the side but no flame for curious little boys to get burnt on!

My favorite giveaway on her site now is My Memories Suite Software Review and Giveaway.  I almost hate to tell you about it, cause I really want to win it! 🙂  What I LOVE about her giveaways, and a lot of giveaways on blog now days, are there are TONS of ways to enter!  This one has like 39 ways to enter!!!!  And a lot of the ways are just liking some pages on facebook!

Currently she has 2 giveaways and 16 reviews. She also always has new things coming too!

This is a great site to find out about new items and how good or bad they are and to be able to try to win some cool freebies!  Are you already a member of her site??  Do you have your own site or a site you love?!?!  Leave a link here so I can check it out!

Don’t forget to tell Holly that Lizzie’s Lovelies sent ya! 🙂

Lizzie 🙂

Weekly SALE!!!

30 Apr

A couple of weeks ago, I added a new hat to my shop, The Watermelon Hat!  Pattern by CrazySocks Crochet!  This is a super cute hat that can be done in WW (a regular weight yarn), cotton yarn (lighter than WW), or Sport Weight yarn (really light yarn).The dark pink one is WW yarn and the light pink is sport weight yarn.  This week only, you can get a Watermelon hat for just $12 shipped!!  You can pick the yarn type you want and I will show you the available colors for that weight (the cotton and sport weight do not have the amount of color options the WW has).  I have also gotton some great black beads to add to the hats as the seeds!  So you can choose between yarn seeds or bead seeds!  Cutie pie Rosie modeling the sport weight watermelon hat!  To take advantage of this great sale, just comment on this post or contact me on my facebook page.  Make sure to mention this blog post to get this special price!  Deal is only good through Saturday morning.Next Monday, I will have a brand new SALE or SPECIAL of the week!  🙂  Hope you are having a great start to your week and make sure to check out our blog tomorrow to see what Tuesday posts will be about!!

Lizzie 🙂

New Blog Schedule!

27 Apr

So, I have been continuing to blog sparadocially and decided that I want to set up a new schedule so that I am blogging daily!  So, here is what I have come up with so far!

Monday’s- Weekly Sale!  Every Monday I will post a blog about what will be on SALE that week!  It may be a crochet item, a hair item, a custom item, already made items, anything!   I will tell you about the item or items and give you the special price or discount for the week.  Sales will run until Saturday midday unless otherwise noted.

Wednesday’s- Featured Shop!  On Wednesdays I will feature a shop that I LOVE!!  This could be a pattern shop or anything else!  I am sure many of you have tons of facebook shops that you love so on Wednesdays, I will share a few of my favorites with you!  I will tell you about items I have bought from the shop and what I think of them.  All of these shops will be shops I have bought from, so you don’t have to worry about being ripped off by the site!

Thursday’s- What’s New!  This will be where I share what I have been working on the past week.  You might see finished items or you might see items still being worked on.  If you have recently placed a custom order, you might even see your item being worked on! 😉

Friday’s – Freebie Friday!  On Friday’s I will share a free crochet pattern!  I will try my best to highlight patterns I have tried, but if I find something really cool during the week, it might just be something I am hoping to try soon!

Here is where I need your help.  Tuesday is wide open.  What would you like to see or read about on Tuesday’s??  What day are you most excited about??  PLEASE, give me your feedback!  I don’t want to be doing blogs that no one is interested in reading! 🙂

And don’t forget, you can also have my blogs sent straight to your e-mail!  I am horrible about remembering to look at blogs so I LOVE that my favorite blogs now come right to my e-mail!  I can read them from there and never miss a new blog post from any of my favorite bloggers!

Make sure to stay tuned for Monday’s brand new blog and please comment and answer my questions about what you want to see and what day you are excited about!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lizzie 🙂

I Love Grannies!!! :)

26 Apr

As you know, I have recently become obsessed with making big granny blankets!!  Well, my granny obsession has grown!!  The wonderful Jamie from Jaime D. Designs made a brand new hat pattern for me!!!  I wanted a hat pattern that matched the big granny blankets I have been making and since she is a totally talented pattern writer, she was able to do it!  So, I proudly present to you, Lizzie’s Granny Pattern!!!  I must say that I also LOVE the name 😉I LOVE this pattern!!!  It makes the perfect addition to the Granny Blankets!!!  Can you imagine a picture of a cutie pie baby wrapped up in a Granny Blanket and matching hat?!?!?  I think it would be super cute!  The hat comes in sizes newborn thru adult and can be done in many different colors!  Would work great as a rainbow hat or just your favorite colors.  Look soon for a new hat in this style that my four-year-old son thought of!This is a newborn size and is currently available to purchase!  Just leave a comment or contact me at Lizzie’s Lovelies!  I am also accepting custom orders, so you can order then in any size and/or color you want!  If you are a crocheter and want to try the pattern out, just click on the Link for Lizzie’s Granny Pattern!  While Jamie was on a Granny Roll, she also created thsi awesome Granny Delight Pattern!!!This pattern is great because you can make a cute purse like the one above or change the handles (both handle options are included in the pattern!) to make this cute bag!I, or course, had to make one as soon as I got the pattern!  I wanted to “Granny” mine up a bit, so I added more granny-like handles.So far, it has been a hit!  My son loves it!  He took it out last night and was able to fit plenty of cars and toys into it!This is also another pattern that can be made in many different colors and variations!  I love the rainbow one Jaime made!  If you want to purchase the pattern, here is the link.  And if you want to purchase a custom made one, feel free to comment here or contact me.

I hope you are enjoying all the new Granny items available!!!   I am having a blast making them!!!  Please make sure to show Jaime some love and stop by Lizzie’s Lovelies and order a custom granny item and feel free to share this with friends!

Lizzie 🙂

New Granny, New Hat Style, and New Free Pattern!!!! :)

19 Apr

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!  I know we did! 🙂

I completed a new Granny Blanket last week.  This one is for a new baby boy due any day!  I am sending it to his Grandma so she has something nice and cuddly to wrap her new grandson in.I wanted to do something different then just blue, so I found a varigated yarn with blue and teal and used that.  I think it turned out really cute and I hope Grandma and her grandson love it!

I got the honor of testing a new pattern from CrazySocks Crochet !  The wonderful Danyel, is the first person I bought patterns from!  I love how her patterns are easy to follow and that she adds notes at the bottom about how to do different versions of each hat.  Her newest pattern is a watermelon hat!  It turned out super cute!  And was quick and easy to make too!  I made one with worsed weight yarn and one with sport weight yarn.  I like using the sport weight yarn for spring, summer, and fall hats because it is a lighter weight so you can wear it when it is warmer out without getting too warm!!  Both hats, I think, turned out great!  I let my model’s mommy pick out one for her and this is the one she picked.I will now be offering these cute watermelon hats in my shop!  Feel free to comment here or on my facebook page to order one!   They are available in sizes newborn through adult!  I am hoping to get some new ones made soon with some cute special twists! 🙂

The wonderful Jaime at Jaime D. Designs also has a brand new FREE crochet pattern available!  It is for this super cute Beaded Pop Tab Bracelet!I have already downloaded my pattern and need to get my hubby and friends to start saving their pop tabs so I can try to make a couple!  What a fun way to recycle pop tabs into beautiful jewelry!  You can get the pattern here.  Also make sure to check out Jaime’s facebook page and see the other great patterns she has available!

Well, I am off to add some watermelon pictures to my facebook page and get back to work on my newest Granny Blanket!  Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Lizzie 🙂

AWESOME Granny Blanket and an all weather scarf!

2 Apr

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have been busy this past month!  I had birthday party bows to make as well as 3 new baby gift sets!  I also have been working on a brand new granny blanket!  I haven’t made many afghans or blankets, but I think this one turned out very well.This is what I call The Granny Blanket!  😉  It is just one big granny square!  Mine is done is soft pastels of pink, purple, blue, green, and yellow.  Made with super soft yarn so it would be super comfy to wrap up your little one, use as a blanket stroller, or even lay on the carpet for somewhere safe and comfy for your little one to play!  This is a one of a kind blanket and I really LOVE the way it turned out!  This picture shows the edging of it a little bit.I also have been seeing these new ruffle scarfs everywhere so I decided to make one!  The pattern I was following at the beginning suggested that 80 inches was a good length… mine is 80 inches which means it is super long!  The wonderful thing about this scarf is the weight!  If you put this with a warm winter coat, I am sure it would give you added warmth around your neck, but this can also easily be worn now!  Think of the fun this scarf could add to a plain colored t-shirt!  It would add ruffles to it to add some fun without adding a huge amount of weight!  I was able to easily wrap this around my neck 3 times in varying lengths to add a cute ruffle effect to my shirt and while trying to take some outdoor photos, which unfortunately turned out awful, I was not sweating or hot due to “wearing” a scarf!  This yarn also has sparkles on the edge to add a little more fun to it!  I got some yarn that is different shades of teal and blue that I am anxious to try to make some shorter ones with.

Both of the items are now available!  To get more information about them, just comment here or e-mail me at!

Being that this is Holy Week and I doubt I will post again before Easter, I want to wish you and your family a Very Blessed Easter with many wonderful New Beginnings!

Lizzie 🙂

More Sweet Hats!!!

3 Mar

I don’t know about you, but here in Ohio, the weather has decided that February means Spring!  We have yet to have a good snow (so far, we have only had snow that doesn’t even cover all the grass), although I am sure we will get our big snowfall sometime soon!! 🙂

I decided to make a couple of hats with light weight yarn that would be great for Spring and Summer. I am working on some baby gifts so I am giving them each a gnome hat with regular weight yarn and a light weight yarn hat.  I also found a great new way to photograph the hats.  Here are the gnome hats (they are both having girls, so this boy one is still available).    

These are the light weight hats I have made. 

This one is white but has light colored yarn throughout it.  It would make a WONDERFUL Easter hat for that special little girl in your life!  It can be made in any size, up to Adult. 🙂 

This can also be done in a little boy hat with a rolled up rim like this…….


or a rolled down rim.


This would also be a cute set for boy/girl twins!! 🙂


The gnome pattern and the sweet ruffle rimmed hat patterns are from CrazySocks Crochet Shop!

If you would like to order one of these hats, just comment below!

Lizzie 🙂

New little gnome chinstrap hat

21 Feb

I am in LOVE!!!!  I fell in LOVE when I first saw this pattern!!!  It is super duper cute but, as of now, only comes in little sizes (newborn, 0-3 month, and 3-6 month).  But, it went on SALE this week, so I finally broke down and bought it since I have a few people that I know having babies soon!!!  These will also be available in my Etsy shop soon!  Aren’t they super cute!!!???  Wouldn’t they look cute on little girl/boy twins??  Or any little girl or boy for that matter 😉  This pattern is easy to do without a lot of sewing in ends (which is the part of crocheting that I do not like).  Do you have a little one on the way soon????Have a friend having a baby shower soon??  These would make wonderful gifts for them!I also made one special little “lucky charm” hat that would be perfect for anyone having a baby around St. Patrick’s Day or for a little one under 3 months since all three of these are the 0-3 month size.This great pattern is from the wonderful Danyel at CrazySocks Crochet Shop!!!  Stop by her shop and show her some love ❤ !!!  I have almost all of her patterns, so don’t hesitate to ask about one if you see one you like! 🙂   I can also make the little gnome hat in colors of your choosing and in the size you would like, of the 3 available sizes!

These will be offered here and on facebook first to fans, so if you are interested in one of the ones pictured or in having me make one in your choice of colors, just comment below!  They are $15.  Shipping cost is $2.

These can also be made in neutral colors if the gender is a suprise!

Lizzie 🙂