New little gnome chinstrap hat

21 Feb

I am in LOVE!!!!  I fell in LOVE when I first saw this pattern!!!  It is super duper cute but, as of now, only comes in little sizes (newborn, 0-3 month, and 3-6 month).  But, it went on SALE this week, so I finally broke down and bought it since I have a few people that I know having babies soon!!!  These will also be available in my Etsy shop soon!  Aren’t they super cute!!!???  Wouldn’t they look cute on little girl/boy twins??  Or any little girl or boy for that matter 😉  This pattern is easy to do without a lot of sewing in ends (which is the part of crocheting that I do not like).  Do you have a little one on the way soon????Have a friend having a baby shower soon??  These would make wonderful gifts for them!I also made one special little “lucky charm” hat that would be perfect for anyone having a baby around St. Patrick’s Day or for a little one under 3 months since all three of these are the 0-3 month size.This great pattern is from the wonderful Danyel at CrazySocks Crochet Shop!!!  Stop by her shop and show her some love ❤ !!!  I have almost all of her patterns, so don’t hesitate to ask about one if you see one you like! 🙂   I can also make the little gnome hat in colors of your choosing and in the size you would like, of the 3 available sizes!

These will be offered here and on facebook first to fans, so if you are interested in one of the ones pictured or in having me make one in your choice of colors, just comment below!  They are $15.  Shipping cost is $2.

These can also be made in neutral colors if the gender is a suprise!

Lizzie 🙂



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