AWESOME Granny Blanket and an all weather scarf!

2 Apr

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have been busy this past month!  I had birthday party bows to make as well as 3 new baby gift sets!  I also have been working on a brand new granny blanket!  I haven’t made many afghans or blankets, but I think this one turned out very well.This is what I call The Granny Blanket!  😉  It is just one big granny square!  Mine is done is soft pastels of pink, purple, blue, green, and yellow.  Made with super soft yarn so it would be super comfy to wrap up your little one, use as a blanket stroller, or even lay on the carpet for somewhere safe and comfy for your little one to play!  This is a one of a kind blanket and I really LOVE the way it turned out!  This picture shows the edging of it a little bit.I also have been seeing these new ruffle scarfs everywhere so I decided to make one!  The pattern I was following at the beginning suggested that 80 inches was a good length… mine is 80 inches which means it is super long!  The wonderful thing about this scarf is the weight!  If you put this with a warm winter coat, I am sure it would give you added warmth around your neck, but this can also easily be worn now!  Think of the fun this scarf could add to a plain colored t-shirt!  It would add ruffles to it to add some fun without adding a huge amount of weight!  I was able to easily wrap this around my neck 3 times in varying lengths to add a cute ruffle effect to my shirt and while trying to take some outdoor photos, which unfortunately turned out awful, I was not sweating or hot due to “wearing” a scarf!  This yarn also has sparkles on the edge to add a little more fun to it!  I got some yarn that is different shades of teal and blue that I am anxious to try to make some shorter ones with.

Both of the items are now available!  To get more information about them, just comment here or e-mail me at!

Being that this is Holy Week and I doubt I will post again before Easter, I want to wish you and your family a Very Blessed Easter with many wonderful New Beginnings!

Lizzie 🙂


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