I Love Grannies!!! :)

26 Apr

As you know, I have recently become obsessed with making big granny blankets!!  Well, my granny obsession has grown!!  The wonderful Jamie from Jaime D. Designs made a brand new hat pattern for me!!!  I wanted a hat pattern that matched the big granny blankets I have been making and since she is a totally talented pattern writer, she was able to do it!  So, I proudly present to you, Lizzie’s Granny Pattern!!!  I must say that I also LOVE the name 😉I LOVE this pattern!!!  It makes the perfect addition to the Granny Blankets!!!  Can you imagine a picture of a cutie pie baby wrapped up in a Granny Blanket and matching hat?!?!?  I think it would be super cute!  The hat comes in sizes newborn thru adult and can be done in many different colors!  Would work great as a rainbow hat or just your favorite colors.  Look soon for a new hat in this style that my four-year-old son thought of!This is a newborn size and is currently available to purchase!  Just leave a comment or contact me at Lizzie’s Lovelies!  I am also accepting custom orders, so you can order then in any size and/or color you want!  If you are a crocheter and want to try the pattern out, just click on the Link for Lizzie’s Granny Pattern!  While Jamie was on a Granny Roll, she also created thsi awesome Granny Delight Pattern!!!This pattern is great because you can make a cute purse like the one above or change the handles (both handle options are included in the pattern!) to make this cute bag!I, or course, had to make one as soon as I got the pattern!  I wanted to “Granny” mine up a bit, so I added more granny-like handles.So far, it has been a hit!  My son loves it!  He took it out last night and was able to fit plenty of cars and toys into it!This is also another pattern that can be made in many different colors and variations!  I love the rainbow one Jaime made!  If you want to purchase the pattern, here is the link.  And if you want to purchase a custom made one, feel free to comment here or contact me.

I hope you are enjoying all the new Granny items available!!!   I am having a blast making them!!!  Please make sure to show Jaime some love and stop by Lizzie’s Lovelies and order a custom granny item and feel free to share this with friends!

Lizzie 🙂


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