Favorite Shops: Stargazinglily

2 May

One of my favorite shops is Stargazinglily!!  This is a great shop that has great stuff for kids (both boys and girls) young and young at heart!  Now, if I showed you EVERYTHING I have bought from her, we would be here all day!  So, I am going to show you some of my favorites!!  And might even post a picture of me wearing a couple! 😉It isn’t always easy finding cute boy things!  Especially cute boy things your boy will wear!  I bought my son one of these bracelets with the basketballs.  He was playing basketball at the time and he really enjoys wearing it!  She has several different boy styles!  I got another style for my friends son for his birthday and he wears it all the time!I have several god daughters and friends with little girls and I LOVE buying these cute bracelets for them too!  She has TONS of colors of pearl, seed, and wooden beads to choose from and several charms too!!  She also has these GREAT Mommy Bracelets!!!  My friend has two daughter so for Christmas I got her this bracelet with pink and white pearls.  I had gotten her daughters cute little bracelets too!I also LOVE her earrings!!  These are her tenny tiny earrings and they are teeny tiny!!  I was not a big earring wearer but since getting some of these and some others from her, I have started to wear them daily!  They are nice and light and I don’t even notice I have them in!  I love all the different colors and styles she has to choose from!But these dangle pearl ones are probably my ultimate favorites!!  She has a ton of different dangle styles too!!!  I am working on getting these in every color, but so far I have red, teal, white, and pink!

I wanted to get some type of Mommy bracelet but with only one miracle so far, I wasn’t needing something with three strands.  I ended up getting, what I call, a family bracelet!  It has my birthstone, my sons, and my husbands.  The birthstone pearls go all the way around and it also has a heart charm!  I LOVE this bracelet!!  I even wore it to our family pictures this year (with some pearl earrings too!).I have ordered several times from Stargazinglily.  My things always arrive quickly, in a bag if it is a bracelet, or on cardstock for earrings.  I have never had anything that is broken or damaged.  I have recommended it to many friends.  One of my friends ordered something and the personalization was forgotten.  Stargazinglily quickly made a new one and got it shipped out right away!  All shop owners make mistakes, I have made them from time to time, but it shows how important customers are when the shop owners fix it quickly!!  I LOVE Stargazinglily and will continue to recommend her shop to my friends!!  And will continue to buy from her also!!  She has a new bracelet style that is similar to my family one that I am thinking of getting for my mother in law!

Please show Stargazinglily some love by liking her facebook page, checking out her Etsy shop, and remember to let her know Lizzie’s Lovelies sent ya!!!

Tomorrow I will be showing off some of the new items I have been working on this past week!!

Lizzie 🙂


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