MandyBand and Lacy Buttoned Headbands

9 Feb

I decided this week to sit down and make myself something!  So, I had gotten this great free pattern for a lacy buttoned headband.  I decided to try it out!  Here is the original.    ( I don’t want to copy the photo since I have not talked to the designer and don’t like to use anyone else’s photots without their prior permission)  And here is how mine turned out.  Mine is white with a pink crocodile stitch….I am not sure why it looks red in this photo.  I liked this pattern!  Mine seems to have come out thicker than hers looks in her picture but it still turned out great!  This width I consider more of an ear warmer than a headband.  I will probably try it again and make it a little smaller width.  I thought the pattern was easy to follow except when I needed to decrease the stitches.  I have only been crocheting a year and a half and DO NOT claim to be an expert so I have a feeling it was how I was reading and interpretting it rather than how the pattern was written!!  But, I do like how it turned out!  I added to buttons to the one end so that the two holes on the other side could be used to put the buttons through.

There is also a favorite shop of mine called Mandipidy.  She used to do a lot of crochet items but she had a baby girl in August and baby #2 will be here around her daughter’s first birthday so she is now doing more drawing art.  When she switched, she put a lot of her crochet patterns on her blog for others to use.  Somehow, I missed that announcement, so I sent her a message saying, “You should really write up your MandyBand pattern and sell it”.  She then told me that it was already available!  So, I made myself a MandyBand!  I did not have the right type of yarn, it calls for size 3 crochet thread, so I went out and got some and got home and realized I didn’t have the right size hook!  Which was shocking since I have so many hooks!  So, I used a slightly bigger hook for the flower and slightly smaller hook for the headband.  It was really different working with the crochet thread! I don’t know how many of you have used it, but it is soooo much thinner than the yarn I am used to using!  The only part I did wrong was trying to use it to measure the length.  Next time, I will try to stitch to her measurements, that were at the bottom and I didn’t see till I was finished, or measure ahead of time.  I don’t think my MandyBand is perfect, but I like how it turned out and now that I have bought the correct hook am eager to try it again.  If you would also like to make yourself a MandyBand, here is the link to her blog. and also check out her Etsy Shop.  My personal favorite is this one:  see if you can guess why!

Please share your pictures with me if you decide to try either of these wonderful headbands!

Lizzie 🙂


New Appliques!!!

8 Feb

I have been working a lot lately on appliques!  They are nice, usually easy, projects that can add a dash of personality to hats, bows, or outfits!  I can add mine to hairbows, clips, pins, and crochet items such as hats and headbands.  All of the items I am about to show are from the wonderful and totally talented EverLaughter!!!!

The first are hearts!  I have to tell you, I think of myself as an okay crocheter, but I COULD NOT get this heart to look right!  I e-mailed EverLaughter with two AWFUL pictures and she answered me immediately and, just by looking at the pictures, knew EXACTLY what I was doing wrong!!!!  She was sooooooo helpful!  So with her pattern and help I was able to make this!This pattern also had a tiny heart that I was able to make without step by step help!   I have heard that cupcakes are VERY in, right now.  This is a cute cupcake pattern!  It can also have a little heart cherry added to the top or buttons that look like a cherry on the top but I think it also looks pretty cute plain.St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner!  It will be here before we know it!  Here is a three leaf clover that would be the perfect pin to have on hand so you don’t get pinched on St. Patrick’s Day!If you feel really lucky on St. Patrick’s Day you could also wear this four leaf clover.I have also been working on another special applique of hers, but I am not quite ready to reveal those! 😉  These can be purchased from Lizzie’s Lovelies on facebook or Etsy.  You can also order them in any color you may want.  Since each is hand crocheted, everyone is a little different, and always made with love!

Also, please go and show some love to EverLaughter!!!!  If you see a pattern of hers that you would love to have made for you, just let me know and I am sure we can work something out! 🙂

Lizzie 🙂

New Pattern!

21 Jan

I got a great new pattern that I have been trying out lately!  It is from Crochet My Love Designs!!  This is her heart pattern. 

This is GREAT for photographers to use!  The original picture shows a newborn laying on it.  The wonderful part is how versatile this heart can be!  All new parents are in LOVE with their newborn so this could be used year round, not just around Valentine’s Day.  Also, think about using this with a pregnancy shot??  How cute would it look having the mom and dad put this on Mommy’s belly!  This could also be super cute to use with a bunch of kids for a Valentine’s shoot.  I am thinking of making another one to use with my little man for Valentine’s Day.  I also saw someone lay their older child (6 months or so) on the heart and use it for a First Valentine’s Day picture!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how versatile it is!!!!   Are you a photographer??  Do you have a great idea for how to use this cute heart mat?? I am now accepting custom orders for them!  Just comment here or visit Lizzie’s Lovelies on Facebook or Etsy.

Feel free to comment with your ideas of how to use this GREAT Heart Mat!!!  And please, feel free to share this with any of your friends who are photographers or might like a cute Heart Mat! 🙂

Lizzie 🙂

The Winner is………..

17 Dec

So, are you wondering who won the contest????

Are you wanting to know who is getting this cute ornament sent to them????

Well, the winner is…….

Number 6:  Holly!!!!

Congratulations to Holly!! 

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

Lizzie 🙂

Whoo Hoo!!!! Over 2200 fans on facebook!!

13 Dec

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  And to add to this wonderful and joyous time of advent while we wait to celebrate the birth of Jesus, I am having a giveaway!!!  If you win, your item will be made and shipped to you, free of charge 🙂 

Since it is close to Christmas, the winner (or winners), will receive a free suprise Christmas ornament!  It may be a bottlecap ornament or a crochet ornament, since these are the two items I have been doing the most lately.  I want to make sure it gets to you quickly and in a timely manner, so I will be asking you to fill out a form for each entry so I will have your address and can get your item in the mail as soon as I pick the winners!

Want to spread the Christmas joy?!?  Share this blog with others!!  The ways to enter are super easy and anyone can do them, so feel free to share away!!

Ways to enter:

FIRST: Please e-mail your mailing address to  I want to be able to mail the item out as soon as I draw a winner or winners.  I have tried for an hour to add a form to this blog, but I can not figure out how to do this so you must e-mail me your mailing address to be eligable to win.  Sorry for the inconvience.

1. What is one of your favorite Lizzie’s Lovelies items.  This is your first entry.

2. Fan Lizzie’s Lovelies on facebook and comment.

3. Become a follower of this blog and comment.

4. Post a link to this blog on your facebook friend inviting your friends to check us out.  Put the link in the comment spot.

5. Post a link about this blog and information about the giveaway on your blog.  Put the link in the comment.

Each Entry can be done only once so you get 5 entries.  Please enter using your personal information, do not use your fan page facebook information or your entry will be deleted.

I will decide how many winners to choose based on how many fans our facebook page has when I pick the winners and how many entries I receive but at least 1 winner will be picked!

Good luck to everyone!  Winner will be picked by on Saturday, December 17th around 10ish EST  (in other words as soon as we are back from my son’s basketball game! 🙂


17 Nov

The winner of the angel from Matt’s Crafty Wife is Jen C!!!!  Congratulations!!!  Jen- please comment on her page letting her know that you won and she will get you set up with your angel!!!

Matt’s Crafty Wife

10 Nov

I LOVE the name of this shop!!!  I have known Anastasia since I began on Etsy almost 2 years ago.  She makes AMAZING and gorgeous crochet items and sometimes has knit items available too!!  She can also do counted cross stitch!  She has two items that have been super popular lately!  They are her hanging towels and her angels.   When asked what her favorite item to make is , her answer was “ANGELS!”   She says people use them, ” on Christmas trees, hanging on their walls, and in their cars.  Here is one of her beautiful angels:

One lucky winner will get the chance to win one of these beautiful angels!

The other item she makes that I LOVE is her hanging towels!  I bought one this summer that I loved!  It attches to my stove door and my three-year-old can’t pull it off!!!!  This is the beautiful one she made for me:  Mine has a wonderful pink button!

She makes beautiful scawls too!!!  Here is one that was for sale in her Artfire Shop.

Matt’s Crafty Wife says the biggest compliment she can get is when someone buys something because that means they like what she made enough to purchase it!  I have never thought of it that way, but I have a feeling a lot of business owners feel that way!  I know I sure do!

Every item she makes is made with love from her own designs!  She does everything in her power to make her customers happy!  She is a mom of five so the money from her business goes towards helping to raise them.  Make sure to go and like her fan page Matt’s Crafty Wife.

Now on to the GIVEAWAY!!!!  Please comment ONCE for EACH entry!  The winner will be picked from on November 16.  You will win one of the beautiful angels that Anastasia makes!!  You can pick between gold, red, pink, white, lavendar, aqua, or hot pink! 

How to Enter:

Leave 1 comment with your favorite item from Matt’s Crafty Wife’s  Artfire Shop.

Leave 1 comment saying you follow this blog.  (You can start following today or you can already be a follower!)

Leave 1 comment for being a fan or becoming a fan of Matt’s Crafty Wife’s fan page on facebook.

Leave 1 comment for being a fan or becoming a fan of  Lizzie’s Lovelies fan page on facebook.

Leave 1 comment to the link from sharing this giveaway on you facebook page (Can only be done once.)

5 chances to win this AWESOME angel!!!  Make sure when you stop by Matt’s Crafty Wife to tell her who sent you!  Thank you Anastasia for your beautifully handmade with love items!!!

Lizzie 🙂

Sarah’s Stitches

8 Nov

I found this shop when I was looking for something to hold my crochet hooks!  I ordered a Crochet Hook Organizer Roll  from here and found it was so wonderful!  It helped me to keep all of my crochet hooks together!  Mine was similar to this one.

Then last spring she came out with a BRAND NEW design that was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!  

This is mine and I LOVE IT!!!!!  It has a spot for crochet hooks, stitch counters, scissors, needles, tape measure, everything!!!!  It is great!!!  And, I got to pick out the material I wanted to use for it to be made!  🙂 

Sarah, the owner of Sarah’s Stitches, has only been sewing about 15 years.  She started sewing when she was given a sewing machine.  Her newest item is the new owl purse.  These purses are SUPER cool!  If you know anyone who loves owls, you gotta send them over to Sarah’s Stitches!  Here is one of her custom ordered owl purses.

Aren’t these cool!!!!???  Did you notice the little feet??  I just noticed the little feet the other day!  These are super cute and her biggest sellers right now.  You can pick your own color sequence too!  They start at $36.  She is only taking orders through Dec. 1 for Christmas so make sure to order soon if you want to suprise someone this Christmas with one!  Sarah loves how each owl has its own personality.  I don’t think you could ever have two that were exactly the same so your purse will be 100% original!!

I asked Sarah,

“What is the most wonderful compliment you have ever gotten from a customer?”  Her answer was, “My favorite is when someone gives me a general idea of what they want, and when I show them the finished product they say, “It’s like you knew exactly what I wanted, without me telling you!”

Sarah cares so much about each customer and about each item she makes.  Her goal is to do the best job she can do and make the customer happy!  You can’t ask for more than that! 

Please stop by Sarah’s Stitches on facebook and make sure to tell her Lizzie’s Lovelies sent ya! 

 You can also check out her great selection at Sarah’s Stitches on Etsy.

I know that I will continue to go back to Sarah for other wonderful items and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

Lizzie 🙂

Get ready for some AWESOME Christmas Shopping!!!!

7 Nov

So, do you have shops on facebook, Etsy, Artfire, and/or Ravelry that you LOVE!!!!????  I sure do!  I have found some totally awesome shops and want to share them with you.  As most of you, I have been burned by shops also.  That is one reason I wanted to share these wonderful shops with you.  All the shops that I will share will be shops I have purchased items from, won items for, and/or been given items from to review.  I think it is important for me to be able to tell you first hand how my experience has been with each shop so you can have a wonderful online shopping experience this Christmas season! 🙂  Some of these shops might already be favorites of yours and some might be brand new shops!  I will be sharing the information on shops on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Some of the shops are also doing GIVEAWAYS!!!!  This way 1 or 2 lucky readers will get to win a wonderful item from one of the shops! 🙂  Make sure to share our blog with your friends so they can receive the e-mails when a new blog is published so they don’t miss out on any of the fun!

Lizzie 🙂

Striving to be better!!

3 Nov

I am going to work really hard on using my blog much better!!  I have a whole bunch of giveaways lined up and product reviews/interviews with some AWESOME shops to start sharing with all of you!!!!  Make sure to come back next week so you don’t miss out!  Also, make sure to have your friends sign up to be part of our blog so that they don’t miss out on the wonderful giveaways coming up….not all of them will be crochet/knitting patterns!!  These are all great shops I have purchased items from that you might want to use for some of your Christmas shopping or to give to others as “ideas” for you! 🙂  I can’t wait to share some of my favorite shops with you!